In Living Color (1990)

pd_in_living_color_cast_thg_120104_mnIn Living Color was an American comedy show, which ran on Fox networks from early 1990 to 1994.  It was produced by Ivory Way Productions and was created by Keenen and Damon Wayans.  The show featured many prominent actors like Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, and David Alan Grier.  It is believed that In Living Color dramatically boosted Carrey and Foxx’s careers.  The show strove to produce good comedic acts, while focusing on the worthy black victim.  For example, Carrey would frequently ridicule white rappers like Vanilla Ice who performed in what would be known as a “black man’s” genre.  The show also featured live musical performances from some very popular musicians like Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, and Tupac Shakur.  Overall, In Living Color was popular, although it only lasted 5 seasons, and had commercial appeal for many companies.  This was because of its ability to appeal to audiences across a very broad gulf of racial, class, gender, and sexual difference. Lastly, the fact that In Living Color aired on Fox was extremely important.  During the early 1990’s Fox was the newest television network, and was facing declining viewership.  They were in a position to take a programming risk like In Living Color.  This show was able to help Fox establish its competitive position with a repertoire of low-cost and occasionally innovative programming.


Written by Josh Valentic


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